16 Responses to Object 263 armor scheme

    • To summarize then:

      OP TD is OP

      When you bounce everything except tier X TD guns on a few small places and have mobility to boot you know something is wrong. My T110E4 will only reliably penetrate about 15% of it’s frontal cross section.

      Just a question: Was the superstructure 50/50 against 295 pen or was it almost immune? If 269 has 7 shot protection then you would expect 300+ effective armor.

  1. Does the gun usually absorb shots à la Lowe? If not, a T8 tank such as the IS3 or KT can go right through the mantlet…

    • The picture doesn’t show armour thickness, it shows 7 shot immunity. What it’s saying is that T8 tanks such as IS3 and KT can virtually never penetrate the mantle.

  2. If I am not wrong, this TD supposes to have paper thin superstructure which was stated back when they released the sneak peaks of the new russian TDs. They also said that they would had to consider what they would do to this TD.

  3. Nice, so German tanks can only penetrate the LFP, but at closer range or if the angle isn’t perfect, they can expect to bounce damn often anyway. GJ WG, TDs have better guns, are more mobile, have better armor than heavy tanks, only less HP – and balancing by HP if fricking failure.

    I hate to say it, but Ob 263 is in top 10 of WG’s failures: very hard to penetrate, but yet another easy kill for artillery. So it simply has to be OP vs tanks, because artillery will pound it hard, and if it was balanced vs tanks, it would be UP overal. So damn dumb…

    Nice test though. The mantlet is 250mm immune so 128L55 will penetrate less than 50% and 150L38 1/3 at close range probably.

    • First why you would shoot at its mantle at close combat? Also the T110E3 has better armor and great gun with great horizontal gun traverse area and better camo value than this. Use your brains and shoot inside its OPEN TOP IN CLOSE COMBAT WITH T8-10 GERMAN HEAVIES! Plus this will suffer greatly from artillery and its side armor IS paper thin on the rear part of the side. You can easily one-shot this from the side and arty one-shots this TD even GW Panther if they hit the open top. This TD is less armored than JPZE-100 and you are whining already. Do you have any luck penetrating JPZE-100 from long distance with slight angle or hidden lower plate? NO its hard to penetrate JPZE-100s all upper armor even with GOLD shells, plus it has at least some top roof over its head and insane gun with great accuracy, better penetration and the BEST Alpha damage. You should try playing this first before going all “omg its OP, WGs greatest failure etc etc.”

  4. Its defineltly NOT OP, it can be summed up as the JPZE-100, but the Object 263 will suffer even more from arty hits! Even a GW Panther will probably one-shot this often if it gets a direct hit on the open top. Not even talking about T7-8 arties that will definetly one-shot this when they hit its open top. Fast tanks can flank this and those with big caliber guns like the E-100 can just use HE shells to do constant damage and damage its crew & modules. Also in close combat (a headbutt situation) taller tanks (like German Heavies T8-T10) can just shoot inside its open top side with HE even for max damage (also some U.S tanks can do it too probably) Just aim for its gun with HE from longer distances. Object 263 has pretty bad camo value in my opinion for a soviet TD, probably the worst camo value of Soviet TDs, it has the lowest penetration of all the tier 10 TDs, lowest hit points and lowest Alpha damage and do not forget the open top that will make it very vulnerable to artillery! So its cons balance out its pros. Nothing OP here, just another fun TD to play with. (also it has a bad horizontal gun angle turning capability)

    • Since when can the JPZE-100 go 55km/h and traverse 32deg/sec? They’re nothing alike at all, that’s just absurd. The frontal weakspot is also far smaller than the LFP on the JPZE-100. Balancing something OP by just making it extra weak to arty is ridiculous, it’s still OP versus anything else.

  5. German Heavies will have the least problems with this in close combat, just shoot inside its open top with HE or AP. Like one MAUS did to me on the test server and killed me very fast. Also i did nice damage with E-100 to it with HE shells when aimed at its center gun. Fast tanks can flank this, it has bad camo value. People judge too fast before trying it out themselves. It is long distance TD much like the JPZE-100 but with RoF over Alpha and with less penetration, it will suffer greatly from artillery. So nothing to worry about, especially with German tanks that are taller than the Object 263.

  6. This thing is a nightmare i am searching and hunting for it so long (for master tanker) its still the only missing. I mostly go for it in my Object 268. I once tried to shot its frontal plate…nothing. bounced or just didnt go trough. in last moment a god damn arty kill it then in 98% of the battles i meet it -.-! i nearly got it as i managed to get an lucky shot from distance betwenn the chassis and the crew section….

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